Church membership is important at Edinbrook. Strong and effective groups, whether families, sport teams, or churches, find their core strength in the commitment they have toward one another. Marriage and families are built upon the very fabric of commitment. Where commitment is lacking or withheld, weakness will soon show itself for sure. It is no different in the church.

A Contemporary Value

Church membership did not exist in the biblical era; it didn’t need to. When the early Christians made a commitment to Christ, their whole lives changed. New believers were suddenly shunned by the community. If businessmen, they went bankrupt. Persecution was prevalent. They demonstrated their commitment by the deep sacrifices made at the moment of decision.

We live in a different era. People can attend church their whole lives without ever truly becoming a Christian. Membership is the method we have chosen to identify those who are committed to Christ, this ministry, and this body of believers.

The Difference Membership Makes

  • Ministry Team (Board) positions are open to your participation
  • Experience the joy of demonstrated commitment to the church family
  • Opportunities abound for teaching and leadership roles
  • Participate in the decisions and directions of this ministry

The Member Commitment

- I affirm my commitment to Jesus Christ and promise to nurture my relationship with God through consistent prayer, worship, fellowship, and Bible study.

- I commit myself to the objectives of this church and pledge my cooperation to the Pastor, Board of Directors, and all those God has called into positions of leadership.

- I commit my time, talents, and treasures to God to be used for His glory in the building up of His church.

How do I become a member?

  1. Attend the Membership Class
  2. Share your spiritual story with a couple of Board of Directors
  3. Sign the Commitment To Membership
  4. Be baptized as a believer if you have never done that before (see Baptism) 
  5. Be welcomed in at a public service


Who should come?

  • Anyone at Edinbrook ready to join the family
  • Those considering membership
  • Long-time attendees who want to learn more about the church

When is it?

  • Typically twice a year on Sunday mornings during one of our two services

What is it? An 8-week class which includes:

  • Intro to Edinbrook - Our history
  • Edinbrook’s Mission and Vision
  • What we believe theologically
  • What is expected of Edinbrook Members
  • Benefits and blessings of being an Edinbrook Member
  • How to get involved
  • Much, much more!

Why do we have it?

  • To help you know who we really are
  • To begin new friendships
  • To learn the Biblical understanding of membership
  • To clarify the process to membership
  • To discuss any biblical or theological questions