February 19 - April 2 / 2017

Is it possible to be too zealous for God? Is it possible to be too passionate in your faith? You might think this is impossible, but this is exactly what happened to a group of well-meaning religious people, a group zealous for God. They were called the Pharisees. While Jesus used the Pharisees as a standard for righteous living, Jesus also made it clear that the Pharisees’ hearts were far from God. Why? Because they didn’t know about God’s grace. In this series we will look at the subtle ways we slip into the behavior of the Pharisees. We’ll see that God is a God of amazing grace but it can be so easy to forget.



Grace, Good Works & Gifts

4.02.2017 | Brent Hall

God doesn’t show us grace just so that we will go to heaven. God gives us grace so that we can live on earth with purpose. God has given us each unique abilities, spiritual gifts, that we are to use for the good of the church and the world. This week we will talk about spiritual gifts and how grace helps us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.


Grace & Unity

3.26.2017 | Brent Hall

The interesting thing about Jesus is that He calls all kinds of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Yet, despite all kinds of differences, Jesus desires that we live in peace. When we forget about grace, it’s easy to start drawing lines that begin to divide God’s people. Jesus teaches us that we can be diverse in thought and perspective and still united in Spirit, that we can have unity without uniformity.


Grace & the Danger of the Good Old Days

3.19.2017 | Brent Hall

We have a way of seeing the past with rose-colored glasses. On one hand, it’s good to focus on the good things of the past, but on the other hand it can be dangerous. We can grow cynical and bitter of the present, wishing to return to the past. But maybe the good old days weren’t as peachy as we thought; maybe the heroes of the past needed just as much grace as we do (if not more).


Grace, Rules & Good Behavior

3.12.2017 | Brent Hall

Did you know that a passionate faith can be dangerous? You might think it sounds crazy, but to be zealous for God’s glory could be wrong-headed. Jesus was often around people passionate for the glory of God and their nation, but Jesus wasn’t impressed. In fact, this week we’ll see that those who seem to love God most might be the ones in the most danger.


Messy Grace

3.05.2017 | Brent Hall

Religion says change and then you can join us, then you can be a part of the group.  This is clean and tidy, because religion knows who to let in and who to keep out.  When we forget about grace, churches can fall into this way of thinking.  Jesus, though, teaches us a different way.  Yes, Jesus’ way is messy… but it’s effective.  This week Pastor Brent will share his heart about what Edinbrook needs to look like if we’re going to be like Jesus, even if it’s messy.


The Enemy of Grace

2.26.2017 | Brent Hall

What if I told you that you could be passionate about God and the Bible, do righteous acts, and lead a good life but be far from God? You’d probably think I was out of my mind, but this is exactly what happened to a group of people in the Bible. They thought they were in good standing with God because they were morally superior than everyone else. But they were deceived. This is so easy to do. How do we make sure we’re not deceived?


A Picture of Grace

2.19.2017 | Brent Hall

Why is it so hard to live in God’s grace?  At our core, we struggle to believe that the God-human relationship could operate by grace.   We think we have to have it all together.  We think we have to be super-Christians to be loved by God.  The problem with this is the Bible.  This week we will look at a disciple of Jesus who appears to be far from perfect.  This man might just change the way you think about God, yourself, and others.