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Choosing the Future You Want

If God has a good plan for your life, does that mean it’s predetermined and you have no part to play? God teaches us repeatedly in the Bible that we are responsible for the decisions we make and that these decisions determine whether we experience the beautiful plan God has for our life. God gives us the freedom to accept or reject His will, to obey or disobey His direction, to follow or ignore His leading. The good news is that no matter what bad decisions we’ve  made in the past, we can make better ones today. In this series we will look at five crucial decisions that will unleash God’s plan for your life and give you the future you really want.



09.09.18 // Brent Hall

God’s good plan for our lives does not just happen. We have to make key choices that help us fulfill His good plan. The first choice for living out God’s plan involves our purpose.  What will you choose to invest your life in? What will your life be about? Will you choose to chase after temporary things or things that last forever? This week we’re going to look at the life of Moses and discover four things we must do to live a life of eternal significance, which is the future you really want.