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February 18 - March 4, 2018

Many people think God and the church are dead. But miracles are still happening today. Lives are still being changed. Families are being healed. People of different color and walks of life are being brought together in the powerful name of Jesus Christ! God is not dead; God is on the move! In this three-part series, we will discover what God is doing right here in the Twin Cities. We will hear about how God is changing lives and Edinbrook’s vision and future plans, and we will learn how to better interact and communicate with people of all races.

God is On the Move

02.18.18 | Brent Hall & Guest Speakers

Many people think God and the church are dead. But God is still on the move, bringing healing and reconciliation through His people! We kick-off this new series by welcoming guest speakers Dr. Sammy Wanyonyi & Dr. John Mayer from Merge Twin Cities. We will dialogue about what is happening in our own backyard regarding diversity and culture, and how we can bring hope to our neighbors of different ethnicities and people groups.

Growing in Intercultural Competency

03.04.18 | Guest Speaker Adam Paa

One major reason Jesus came to earth was to reconcile people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. The church has an opportunity like never before to lead the way towards racial reconciliation in our communities. But to do so takes more than just desire; it takes wisdom and understanding. This week, guest speaker, Adam Paa, will share his experience as a minority and give us practical steps how to move forward towards intercultural competency.