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Time For A Change: How God Can Change Your Life

Do you want anything in your life to change? The only way to truly change your life is to change the way you think. During this series, learn about the habits, truths, and characteristics that enable change—lasting change—to happen in your life.



06.23.19 // Brent Hall

What if you were able to pay off all credit card and any other depreciable debt in five years from today or much sooner? Would that not be so freeing? It is possible to be debt free! The Bible gives us a Master’s degree in how to handle our finances, especially the book of Proverbs. This week we will look at three biblical principles and what is known as the debt snowball (a helpful way to pay down debt) so that you are in control of your finances again, rather than the other way around. This message could start you on a journey that saves you from unnecessary financial problems down the road and leads to the joy of financial freedom.