WHAT // Imprint 56
WHEN // Sunday mornings
WHERE // Lower Level
TIME // 9:30 am


This age group has their own special environment where they are encouraged to deepen their understanding of God through creatively presented Bible lessons and to actively take steps to be more like Him in their daily lives.

What Your 5th/6th Grade Student Can Expect

When you arrive at Edinbrook Church, you will enter through door #1. When you enter our main lobby, you can take an immediate right and head down the stairwell to the Lower Level. Upon entering the area you will be greeted by Kids Ministry workers who will help you at a computer "check-in" station to check your student in. If you are new, you are simply asked to complete a simple, half-page info sheet so we can get you on your way. Or, if you would like to register your child(ren) so they are in the system when you arrive, you can complete the NEW Family Registration form prior to coming.

Upon entering the designated Imprint 56 Room, students will enjoy large group activities and teaching along with small group interaction to help them grow in their faith. This also provides a safe environment for leaders to care for them and let them be known.

5th and 6th grade students are so important to us that we have a specific pastor just for them! Imprint 56 coordinator Seth Weirup and his team of volunteers love this age group and are fantastic at connecting with them on their level. All of our Imprint 56 leaders have passed a background check before being allowed to serve in the Imprint 56 area.


We Care About the Safety of Your Students

For safety and security, parents are provided with two options regarding their 5th/6th grade student. Option one is for the parents to keep a check-in sticker and one that will stay with the student. Option two is to sign a waiver that allows us to dismiss your 5th/6th grade student so they can come find parents themselves following dismissal. We take safety very serious at Edinbrook. We have a security team whose members frequently watch the hallway and stairwell of our Lower Level while kids and students meet.



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This age group is beginning to develop on a deeper relational level and we want to encourage strong relationships while having fun along the way.

Imprint 56 on Saturdays are designed for fun and interaction with their friends and leaders while these young students are exposed to a variety of awesome activities. Occasionally our Imprint 56 group will head out to serve in the community as well.

When does Imprint 56 on Saturdays take place?
Imprint 56 on Saturdays takes place every other Saturday September thru May, and once a month June, July & August.

Where does Imprint 56 on Saturdays meet?
We will always meet at Edinbrook Church. Even if it is an off-site event, we will meet at the church first unless communicated otherwise.

What time does Imprint 56 on Saturdays meet?
Imprint 56 on Saturday evenings runs from 6:00-8:00 pm.