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The Art of Prayer

Let’s be honest, prayer is a struggle. But the Bible teaches that prayer is effective, bringing real change in our lives and in the physical world we live in. Therefore, it’s crucial we learn to pray. It’s not just that we should pray; it matters how we pray, and God teaches us about prayer so that our prayers will become realities. Whether you’ve been praying faithfully for years or you struggle with praying, this series will take your spiritual life to the next level.



06.03.18 // Brent Hall

Of all the things the disciples could have asked Jesus about, they asked Him how to pray. Why? Because prayer truly changes the reality in which we live. It is through prayer that God chooses to move and work here on earth. But there are many misconceptions about prayer that frustrate our prayer life and cause us to miss out on God’s best. This week we will learn four basic principles that can drastically enrich and empower your life.