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The Brand-New You

The Bible teaches that when we put our faith in Christ we become a new creation. But if we’re made new, why do we still struggle with lust, jealousy, anger and other sins? In other words, why don’t I always feel new? In this series, we will examine Romans 6-8 and learn how we can daily see more and more victory in our lives, even through the struggles.

Set Free // Jul 21, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch

What Is Baptism? // Jul 14, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Why Do I Do What I Do? // Jul 7, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen


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Time for a Change: How God Can Change Your Life

Do you want anything in your life to change? The only way to truly change your life is to change the way you think. During this series, learn about the habits, truths, and characteristics that enable change—lasting change—to happen in your life.

Healthy Relationships // Jun 30, 2019 // Tyler Roland // Watch // Listen

I Wanna Be Debt Free // Jun 23, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Finding Your Purpose // Jun 16, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Goals Are Good // Jun 9, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // // Listen

Change Your Mind // Jun 2, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

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Fight for their Future: Four Crucial Questions Every Child Needs to Know

Do I have to go to bed now? Are we there yet? Where do babies come from? Children ask so many questions. But the questions they really want answers to are rarely ever verbally asked. But the answers to these deeper questions are what ultimately end up shaping a life. Whether your children are little or all grown up, it's never too late to answer the four questions we will discuss in this series.

How Can I Win the Big Battles? // May 19, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Will You Be There For Me? // May 12, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Do You Love Me? // May 5, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Where Are the Boundaries? // Apr 28, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

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Easter at Edinbrook

Because Jesus was raised from the dead, there is incredible hope for all of us. We have an eternal hope in heaven and a brand new future that can start now! Find out how this hope can change your life.

Easter at Edinbrook // Apr 21, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

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The Whoosh Moment

The whoosh moment. It may sound funny, but it’s a real thing. It’s the moment God interjects Himself into a situation to get our attention and leave a mark on people’s lives forever. When we notice and pay attention to these “whoosh” moments, we can be a part of something far greater than we ever imagined. Come learn how to recognize and be a part of these powerful moments.

The Whoosh Moment // Apr 14, 2019 // Joshua Kirsch // Watch // Listen


What in the Word?

Topics such as the Holy Spirit, Christ's return, and what happens after we die can often raise more questions than answers. But when we dive into what the Bible says about these topics we will discover that these are life-changing truths that can revitalize and strengthen our faith.

God’s Will For Your Life // Apr 7, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

What Happens After You Die? // Mar 31, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Christ’s Return // Mar 24, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

The Holy Spirit // Mar 17, 2019 // Joshua Kirsch // Watch // Listen

Worship // Mar 10, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen


Drawing Deep: Lessons on Kingdom Reconciliation from Jacob’s Well

We as human beings are often overwhelmed and fearful of approaching one another to seek wisdom and understanding on subjects of intimacy and importance. We flounder in the waters of difference and sink in the waters of otherness. The fear is, we will wound or be wounded, reject or be rejected on the journey to understanding others. But what if there was a way forward that could bring healing, wholeness and transformation? In John 4 Jesus shows us a way forward that that leads to a point of deep transformation. This Sunday we will walk on this journey with Jesus and the woman at the well to look at race and reconciliation in a way that will prayerfully provide us with a road map to do the same.

Drawing Deep // Mar 3, 2019 // Laurel Bunker // Watch // Listen

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It Takes A Church

Lives are being changed at Edinbrook Church. It’s never been about being a bigger church, or being well known. It’s always been about leading one more person into a relationship with the God who loves them. This week Pastor Brent will challenge us to partner together in order to live-out the mission Jesus has given to Edinbrook Church.

It Takes A Church // Feb 24, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

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Experiencing the Goodness of God

Is God really good all the time? What about in the hard seasons of life? Many people throughout history have been said to be blessed by God. But what does that mean? Simply put, it means you have special benefits and privileges as a child of God. The good news is that these benefits are available to everyone, not based on what we’ve done, but because of what Jesus has done for us. Start the new year right by learning how to experience God’s goodness in your life through trusting Him more. Discover how God’s goodness can help you get through whatever you’re going through.

Examine Yourself // Feb 17, 2019 // Tyler Roland // Watch // Listen

Strong When Weak // Feb 10, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Battle for the Mind // Feb 3, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Truly Rich // Jan 27, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

I’m A New Creation // Jan 20, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Dealing with Discouragement // Jan 13, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen

Comfort in Suffering // Jan 6, 2019 // Brent Hall // Watch // Listen


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