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The Supremely Awesome Wildly Contagious Radically Loving Hope Filled Family

Family Car rides with weird smells, messy bedrooms and bathrooms, out-of-hand board games, and people who can drive us absolutely crazy. That’s life with family. But family can also make us stronger, more loving, and provide opportunity to influence and help others. Family-life isn’t easy, but it is good! Whether your family needs just a little help or a brand new start, this series will help your family grow better together.

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God Is On the Move

Many people think God and the church are dead. But miracles are still happening today. Lives are still being changed. Families are being healed. People of different color and walks of life are being brought together in the powerful name of Jesus Christ! God is not dead; God is on the move! In this three-part series, we will discover what God is doing right here in the Twin Cities. We will hear about how God is changing lives and Edinbrook’s vision and future plans, and we will learn how to better interact and communicate with people of all races.

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Do you know who you are? Many of us have thoughts of ourselves that are superficial and perhaps just flat-out wrong. Culture bases our on our looks, wealth, status, and the things we’ve done in our past. But God doesn’t base our identity on these things; God basis our identity on our relationship with Him. Understanding who we truly are is crucially important because it affects every aspect of our lives (how we feel about ourselves, how we relate to others, knowing good from bad, etc.). Claiming who we are in God’s eyes is the only way to ever live in true freedom and victory.As we begin the new year, let’s examine the lies that we might be believing about ourselves. Let’s begin the new year knowing who we truly are in Christ!

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A Christ-Centered Christmas: Recapturing the True Christmas Spirit

Christmas can be a glorious time of year, but it can also be misleading. Trees, lights, presents. Is this what Christmas is all about? No! Christmas is about Jesus Christ being born into the world to bring hope to sinners. So do we stop with all the trivialities? We don’t have to. In fact, we just might find that these things are symbols of a deep reality. In this series we will look beneath the surface and learn how the trappings of Christmas point us to the indescribable facets of the glory of Christ.

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When All Hell Breaks Loose: Finding Hope in the Midst of Current World Events

Hurricanes, mass shootings, threats of war. It seems like the world is falling apart, and falling apart fast. Are we in the end times? If God is good, why is all this happening? Is there hope? The reality is we don’t have to live in fear or despair. It has often been the darkest times in world history when God has done His greatest work. Perhaps we’re on the precipice of something glorious. In this series we will discuss current world events, how we can navigate the chaos, and play a part in bringing about a greater good.

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No Longer Slaves: If Jesus has set us free, why don't we feel free?

The Bible says, “For freedom Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1). Yet, how many of us still feel like we’re struggling to walk in freedom? How many of us still feel enslaved to things like fear, worry, and guilt? If Jesus has set us free, why don’t we feel free? In this series, we will define true freedom, explore the root of our struggles, and learn how to align our lives with the reality of our freedom in Christ. Because of Jesus, we really can live free!

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Remembering can be a hard thing for many of us. Events, celebrations, activities – all seem to fade from our memory as time moves forward. While in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus made a bold decision to drink from a “cup” in obedience to His Father. This cup contained things in it that He simply did not want to endure. Yet, He knew that He had to. The message “Remember” unpacks “the cup” and is a challenge to all of us to never forget what Jesus chose to do and what He experienced on the way to the cross as well as while on the cross. His choice was because of our sin and driven by His love!

 July 9 - August 27, 2017

July 9 - August 27, 2017

The Art of Joy: A Series on Philippians

Is it possible to have a sustaining joy in the midst of trials and suffering?  According to the Apostle Paul, joy is something for which we should strive.  Paul is able to write a letter to the church in Philippi while imprisoned for his faith.  This letter overflows with Paul’s joy and excitement, and he encourages the church to rejoice despite the hardships they’re facing.  This joy is not a superficial happiness based on good circumstances, this is a deeply felt pleasure of the soul rooted in hope, encouraged and strengthened by a community of believers.  As we study Philippians, we just might discover how we can experience a deeper joy despite the circumstances of life.

 June 4-25, 2017

June 4-25, 2017

Fight For Marriage

Marriages don’t just slip into “happily ever after.” Marriage takes intentionality and effort. Two people who each have their own unique struggles, insecurities, and faults are bound to have conflicts at times in marriage. But when we connect with our spouse, deal with conflict in healthy ways, work on communication, and commit ourselves to each other, our marriages can thrive. Whether you are married or plan to be married someday, or can simply be an encouragement to a married person, this series is for you! Healthy marriages don’t just happen; we have to fight for them.

 April 16 - May 21, 2017

April 16 - May 21, 2017

Questioning Our Faith

If you have questions about the Christian faith, you’re not alone!  It’s perfectly okay to ask tough questions about God and the church.  In fact, one reason God gives us the Bible is to answer these questions.  In this series, we’ve asked you to participate and to let us know the questions you have, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.  God doesn’t leave us without rational answers to life’s biggest questions; it’s time to question our faith.

 April 9, 2017

April 9, 2017

The Crowd

Crowds are a curious thing. A crowd can sway the behavior of an individual, and sometimes an individual can even sway the mood of a crowd. Crowds can be fickle and misleading. A crowd can reject you or accept you. As you think about the crowds you’ve been a part of, there is one crowd you belong to that you might not realize.

 Feb. 19 - April 2, 2017

Feb. 19 - April 2, 2017

Amazing Grace

Is it possible to be too zealous for God? Is it possible to be too passionate in your faith? You might think this is impossible, but this is exactly what happened to a group of well-meaning religious people, a group zealous for God. They were called the Pharisees. While Jesus used the Pharisees as a standard for righteous living, Jesus also made it clear that the Pharisees’ hearts were far from God. Why? Because they didn’t know about God’s grace. In this series we will look at the subtle ways we slip into the behavior of the Pharisees. We’ll see that God is a God of amazing grace but it can be so easy to forget.


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