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Sept. 10-Oct. 8, 2017 / Nov. 5-19, 2017

The Bible says, “For freedom Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1). Yet, how many of us still feel like we’re struggling to walk in freedom? How many of us still feel enslaved to things like fear, worry, and guilt? If Jesus has set us free, why don’t we feel free? In this series, we will define true freedom, explore the root of our struggles, and learn how to align our lives with the reality of our freedom in Christ. Because of Jesus, we really can live free!

freedom from the law

9.10.2017 | Brent Hall

The requirements of God can be overwhelming.  We can find ourselves feeling more guilty as believers than as unbelievers.  But is that how God wants us to live?  Like failures, guilty and afraid?  No!  If you’re going to walk in true freedom, you need to know and believe something—something many of you may never have heard.  There’s a certain theological truth that can truly lead to freedom in your life.  Find out what it is this week.


9.17.2017 | Brent Hall

It’s been said that Christianity isn’t about rules, that it isn’t about “dos” and “don’ts.” But how do we square that with all the commands we read in the New Testament? If we’ve been set free in Christ, does that mean there are no expectations? This week we will see that Christianity is similar in some ways to other religions, but it offers us three things that no other religion has to offer. These three radical truths can dramatically change the way you live and set you free from religion.


9.24.17 | Brent Hall

“No one is perfect,” she said, after getting caught stealing the purse. It’s true, but such a statement can also be an excuse for sin. The problem is that sin is destructive. It affects our lives and the lives of others. Jesus doesn’t just save from our sin so we will go to heaven.  Jesus frees us from the power of sin now. This is what real grace does! This week we will see that overcoming sin leads to a better quality of inner-life, and we will discover two ways to be victorious over sin.


10.01.17 | Brent Hall

Do you ever walk away from a conversation and nitpick what you said, or perhaps feel guilty because you weren’t encouraging enough? Do you have a tendency to beat yourself up over small things? You might have an overly sensitive conscience. Many Christians struggle with this and find themselves trapped and miserable as a result. This week we will see that the Bible addresses this issue, that there is an enemy who wants you to feel this way, and how you can fight back.


10.08.17 | Joshua Kirsch

Just about everyone carries around some form of shame. Perhaps it’s something that we did or that was done to us. Condemnation and shame can be dangerous because they have the potential to drive our decisions and motives in unhealthy ways. So why do we continue to carry around our shame? Romans 8:1 reminds us there is no condemnation any more for those who belong to Christ. Jesus has freed us from our own condemnation and the shame we feel we must carry.


11.05.17 | Brent Hall

The reality is that every Christ-follower has struggles. Following Jesus isn’t easy; it’s hard.  Most of us would agree that there are things in our lives that need to change in order to be better followers of Jesus. But just as important as WHAT needs to change is HOW we go about it. In other words, what’s the motive that drives us? Following Jesus was never meant to be a heavy burden. The good news is, once we strike the right motive in our hearts, following Jesus becomes a joy…even in the pain.


11.12.17 | Brent Hall

The greatest command we’re given in the Bible is to love God and to love others. This is the law of Christ; it’s what followers of Jesus do—we love people. But it can be so easy to fall victim to a worldly definition of love, and there are enemies of love that dwell in our heart. This week we will discuss a biblical definition of love and how to actually love people the way Jesus commands us to as His followers.


11.19.17 | Brent Hall

We hear the good news about the freedom we have in Jesus Christ, and we rejoice. But, it’s so easy to revert back into our old ways of thinking, into old assumptions of what pleases God. Especially in a culture where so many of us have been programmed to think religiously, this can be a daily battle. The enemy wants to put chains back on your soul. This Sunday we will discuss very real, personal threats to your freedom (this might be a little uncomfortable; but so important) and how to walk in true freedom forever!