There Is No Plan B

By Pastor Brent

God has chosen one institution to stand the test of time, one institution to be His primary vehicle for proclaiming and displaying the fullness of the Gospel: the church. Jesus said that He’d establish His church and the gates of Hades would not overcome it (Matthew 16:18). This means that Edinbrook Church, a local church, is a visible fulfillment of Jesus’ promise made two-thousand years ago.

While it’s common today to disregard and maybe even undermine the local church, we need to be reminded that Jesus gave His life so that the church could be established and empowered by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:25-28; John 16:7; Acts 1:8). There is no other ministry or institution in the world as important as the local church. Good governments might preserve and protect freedoms, and encourage economic growth and prosperity, but government will never usher in eternal salvation and sustain a people spiritually. God has determined that the church will fulfill His plan of bringing hope and redemption to a sinful, broken world. There is no other option; there is no plan B. Either the church, made up of individual Christ-followers, takes up this responsibility and carries out the mission or Christ will not be present in the world in the way He intends to be through His “body” (1 Corinthians 12:12), the church.

A couple of questions:

Do you belong to Edinbrook Church? Are you just an attender or do you actually get involved? Being a part of Edinbrook Church is so much more than just attending on Sundays, though that is where it usually starts. Jesus wants us to use our gifts and skills for the good of the local church and ultimately for the glory of God by serving others. Only in community, being the person God created us uniquely to be and serving others, do we discover the joy and purpose God intends for us in the church.

Do you love Edinbrook Church? Is it all about you and what you get out of coming to church or do you strive to appreciate what Christ is doing in and through your local church, even when it’s not your preference. For example, you don’t like a certain song during worship or the topic of the sermon. Do you grumble or do you consider that others are being blessed by it and pray for those around you, for it just might be what another person needed. You see, this is how we should think as believers who make up the local church. Only when we stop with the consumer mindset and love the church more than we love our prerogatives will we be able to have such an attitude.

So I encourage you to love Edinbrook Church as Christ loves the church. Don’t just casually attend. Take the plunge and get plugged in. Be a part of the body. Join a community group. Use your unique talents to serve and help make Edinbrook stronger than it would be without you. Check out serving opportunities HERE. Love, belong, and serve! You will be blessed, others will be blessed because of you, the world will see Jesus through our love for one another, and God will be glorified!

Brent Hall