Peace On Earth

It’s at Christmas when we hear declarations about peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind. But how do we actually live that out in our lives and in our relationships with others? How does Christ help us to live that out in our community and world? If you need peace in your life this Christmas and desire more peace in the world, this series is for you! Join us as we discover how Jesus brings peace through reconciliation, prayer and good news for all people.



12.09.18 // Brent Hall

One thing is for sure, Americans are stressed out. Studies show that stress is at near-record levels in the US. Yet, the Bible says that Jesus came to bring peace on earth, a major theme of Christmas. So how do we experience the peace that Christ came to bring? This week we will look at God’s anti-stress recipe. The good news is that God promises to give us peace whatever our circumstances this Christmas season.