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Simplify: Living Life with Room to Breathe

Ever say to yourself, “I need a break! I need some time to catch my breath. I can’t catch up”? Many of us feel overscheduled, overspent, and overwhelmed. Because of activities, choices, work, expenses, we feel a constant strain that affects our relationship with God and others. But God teaches us a better way to live. In this series you will learn how God designed you for cycles of work and rest, and how allowing breathing room into your life can lead to less stress and more freedom to be used and blessed by God. Your life won’t simplify itself. You must act. Are you ready?



10.28.18 // Joshua Kirsch

Our culture has made over-extending ourselves completely normal. Typically, we blame it on our circumstances or others. However, we have control over how we spend our time. The intentional upkeep and maintenance of our schedules and calendars can bring health and vitality to our lives. This week we will look at what the Bible says about planning our time well, so we can say no to less important things and yes to the most important things.