The Supremely Awesome Wildly Contagious Radically Loving Hope Filled Family

Family car rides with weird smells, messy bedrooms and bathrooms, out-of-hand board games, and people who can drive us absolutely crazy. That’s life with family. But family can also make us stronger, more loving, and provide opportunity to influence and help others. Family-life isn’t easy, but it is good! Whether your family needs just a little help or a brand new start, this series will help your family grow better together.



03.18.18 // Mark Thurston

We all have priorities whether we think we do or not. Sometimes we prioritize by writing things down, others may simply live out their priorities without even realizing it. We all have influence over those God has placed in our lives. We may not think we do, but opportunities to influence come on a daily basis. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings - as members of God's family - we all need to make sure that our priorities are in the proper order. There is one priority that must rise to the top, and His name is Jesus. Make attending Edinbrook Church this Sunday a priority - there will be something here for everyone.