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April 16-may 21 / 2017

If you have questions about the Christian faith, you’re not alone!  It’s perfectly okay to ask tough questions about God and the church.  In fact, one reason God gives us the Bible is to answer these questions.  In this series, we’ve asked you to participate and to let us know the questions you have, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.  God doesn’t leave us without rational answers to life’s biggest questions; it’s time to question our faith.



The Day That Changed Everything

4.16.2017 | Brent Hall

Easter is so much more than a religious holiday. Easter is a time to reflect on a historical event that literally changed the world: Jesus Christ died and came back to life. If this is true, it has huge implications for our lives. It means death isn’t the end; it means God’s promises are true today; it means we have an amazing hope. Come to Edinbrook this Easter and hear evidence for Jesus’ resurrection and why this historical event matters for your life and the world we live.


How Can I Know I'm Truly Saved?

4.23.2017 | Brent Hall

Do you ever wonder if you’re truly a child of God? Do you have a friend or child who questions their salvation? God doesn’t want us to live in doubt and fear. God wants us to live with confidence; if we are believers in Jesus Christ, God gives us everything we need so that we can have rock-solid assurance of salvation. This week we will examine how the Gospel works in our lives, the false beliefs that cause us to doubt, and how to live with an unshakable faith.


How Do We Love Those Hard to Love?

4.30.2017 | Brent Hall

This is a major question of the Christian faith: how do we love people the way Jesus teaches us to love people, especially those hard to love people? So many of our challenges in life revolve around this question. The love Jesus speaks of isn’t of this world; it’s different. While there are many things we can do to try and love people better, at the root of love is a fundamental belief and a costly decision.


Why Do Believers Suffer?

5.07.2017 | Brent Hall

At times we wonder why a good, loving God would allow people to suffer. We especially wonder why God would allow believers to suffer.  After all, it’s easy to understand why the rapist or murderer would suffer, but a child of God who walks in holiness? This is a perplexing problem for many people, but the Bible doesn’t leave us without an answer. However, I’ll warn you now, it’s not an answer you might like. But, I’ll also give you a promise, the answer can bring great purpose to your suffering if you can accept it.  


Are Women to Be Silent?

5.14.2017 | Brent Hall

For many of us, women have made a huge impact on our lives. Yet, as we all know, the world is not always fair towards women. So, what does the Bible say about this issue? Does the Bible really teach that women must stay to themselves and remain silent? As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we examine what the Bible says about women and their role in church, family, and the world.


how do we know god is with us?

5.21.2017 | Brent Hall

It doesn’t always feel like God is with us. Sometimes we might even wonder if God is present in our life at all. We wonder, is God simply watching over us from afar. While we might question God’s presence in our lives at times, we need more than an intellectual argument. We need to learn how to experience God’s presence for ourselves—then we’ll know if He is with us or not.