Skillful Living

The Bible teaches us a better way to live. Once we desire and seek out God's wisdom, we find that putting God's Word into practice leads to less stress, more productivity and healthier thoughts. This series is not based on theory or platitudes; it's based on God's Word filtered through the personal experience and testimony of those who have put God's Word into practice. See for yourself if it doesn't prove helpful.


Setting Godly Goals

04.22.18 // Brent Hall

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. You wouldn’t plan a wedding without giving thought to your wedding day. But many of us live our lives without aiming for anything beyond today, tossed around by our current circumstances. The truth is that God wants us to set goals for our lives. Either we will determine the agenda for our lives, or our circumstances and other people will. This week we will discuss why setting goals is of God and how they can truly transform your life.