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July 9 - August 27, 2017

Is it possible to have a sustaining joy in the midst of trials and suffering?  According to the Apostle Paul, joy is something for which we should strive.  Paul is able to write a letter to the church in Philippi while imprisoned for his faith.  This letter overflows with Paul’s joy and excitement, and he encourages the church to rejoice despite the hardships they’re facing.  This joy is not a superficial happiness based on good circumstances, this is a deeply felt pleasure of the soul rooted in hope, encouraged and strengthened by a community of believers.  As we study Philippians, we just might discover how we can experience a deeper joy despite the circumstances of life.



a joyful introduction

7.09.2017 | Brent Hall

What if your heart could abound with joy even in the most challenging seasons of life? What if you could rejoice even when things aren’t going to plan? Many don’t seem to think this is possible; but it is! Paul writes the letter to the church in Philippi while imprisoned for his faith, not sure if he will escape execution. Yet the letter of Philippians overflows with Paul’s joy, thanksgiving, and gladness—despite his situation. If we will dive deeper into the spiritual, eternal things found in Jesus Christ, we can have this joy too! Let’s discover how to do this together.


joy in chains

7.16.2017 | Brent Hall

Paul writes the letter of Philippians while imprisoned because of his ministry.  While Paul waits in chains, execution by the Roman government is a very real possibility.  Yet, despite his dire situation, Paul writes his letter full of joy and gladness.  Somehow, Paul was able to see his situation with a different perspective than most people.  How can we have this perspective?  The joy-filled life is not necessarily what we would think.


the attitude joy requires

7.23.2017 | Brent Hall

Culture teaches us that it’s all about us, that we’re the center of the universe. The problem with this thinking is that it leaves us to live lives in our own strength. Trying to do life on our own, apart from God, is a scary way to live. No wonder anxiety and worry are such problems in today’s world! However, there is a way to live that takes the burdens of life out of our hands and entrusts it to God. This way of living isn’t easy or painless; but it is better and its end is always glory.  


joyfully unique

7.30.2017 | Joshua Kirsch

Does it ever seem like God does amazing things through other people but when you try to act in faith, all you get is crickets in the background? Does it seem like everyone around you is better at living out their faith compared to you? Sometimes there’s a fine line between comparison and imitation. God wants you to experience joy in who He made you to be and we believe you can experience this joy by living out two key virtues that Paul shares with us in his letter.


the joy of knowing christ

8.06.2017 | Brent Hall

We all desire joy in our lives. The irony is that the worldly things we think will bring us joy leave us empty and joyless in the end. The good news is that God has made a way to fill our heart’s most basic need and provide true, everlasting joy. What if your joy could increase this week? What if you could experience something so much bigger and greater than yourself? The reality is, because of Jesus Christ, you can.


The Joy of progressing

8.13.17 | Brent Hall

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of spiritual complacency and inertia. When this happens, our joy and peace wane and we find ourselves in a spiritual funk, going through the motions. Paul, however, teaches us to strive for more, to progress spiritually in Christ Jesus. In the Bible we see God do INCREDIBLE things! What if you could experience more of Christ’s presence and power in your life this week? You can! Paul has the answers. 


The Joy of Focus

8.20.17 | Bob Coombe

Have you ever had a project that you were looking forward to doing and you started with gusto! However soon the distractions of people, unexpected events, and your changing attitude left you empty instead of energized? Paul shares some practical advice on staying focused to accomplish the goal. Let us finish well the race before us! Join us Sunday and stay focused.


the joy of contentment

8.27.17 | Brent Hall

If we were honest, many of us struggle to be at peace. There’s something in us that refuses to be satisfied; we’re always craving something we don’t have. But Paul had truly learned the secret of contentment, no matter his life situation—whether good times or bad. Wouldn’t it be great if that were true of us? What exactly was it that Paul had learned?