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Crossing the Sea

We all find ourselves in impossible situations, when it seems there is no hope. But with God, there is always hope. When Israel found themselves stuck between Pharoah's army and the Red Sea, it seemed there was no way out. But God made a way. God's parting the Red Sea teaches us how to move from fear to faith. No matter what challenges we face in life, God is in control. He can lead us out of our situation into something brand new.


what to do when nothing happens

08.26.18 // Brent Hall

We read about God giving Israel victory, but do we really believe that could be our story? We pray with great faith and get excited and ready for God to do something amazing… but what do we do when nothing happens? Trusting in God’s promises can be very frustrating. In fact, at times it can leave us doubting our faith. But this struggle is nothing new. The Bible is full of stories of people who struggled with doubt, but grew stronger in the process. This week we will examine what we need to know when we ask God for help and what God wants us to do while we wait on Him.