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October 15-29, 2017

Hurricanes, mass shootings, threats of war. It seems like the world is falling apart, and falling apart fast. Are we in the end times? If God is good, why is all this happening? Is there hope? The reality is we don’t have to live in fear or despair. It has often been the darkest times in world history when God has done His greatest work. Perhaps we’re on the precipice of something glorious. In this series we will discuss current world events, how we can navigate the chaos, and play a part in bringing about a greater good.

What in the World is Going On?

10.15.17 | Brent Hall

We can’t see it, but it is there. The Bible teaches us that there is an unseen world of good and evil.  This unseen world can directly influence and affect the physical world and our lives, for good and bad. Because of this, the Bible teaches us to be on guard, and to put on our spiritual armor. The reality is that we have an enemy who hates our world, country, and your family. Learn how to defend yourself and fight back in these troubling times. You don’t have to be afraid; you can live in glorious victory!

Is This the End?

10.22.17 | Brent Hall

When all hell breaks loose, it’s only natural to wonder if we’re living in the end times. The reality is we could be. If our hope is where our hope belongs, this should fill us with excitement and a sense of urgency to be the church to the world around us. But does the Bible tell us when Jesus will return? And what will that day look like? This week we will discuss Christ’s return and the rapture of believers.


10.29.17 | Brent Hall

When all hell breaks loose, it reminds us that the world is broken and that something is wrong. This is not something believers need to fear; rather, it’s an opportunity for believers to shine brighter in the darkness. Such times can help our children, friends and family to see the vital importance of Jesus Christ.  So, how can the church shine during this time? Be here this week as Pastor Brent gives the people of Edinbrook five specific challenges to shine bright as followers of Christ.