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January 7 - February 11, 2018

Do you know who you are? Many of us have thoughts of ourselves that are superficial and perhaps just flat-out wrong. Culture bases our on our looks, wealth, status, and the things we’ve done in our past. But God doesn’t base our identity on these things; God basis our identity on our relationship with Him. Understanding who we truly are is crucially important because it affects every aspect of our lives (how we feel about ourselves, how we relate to others, knowing good from bad, etc.). Claiming who we are in God’s eyes is the only way to ever live in true freedom and victory.As we begin the new year, let’s examine the lies that we might be believing about ourselves. Let’s begin the new year knowing who we truly are in Christ!


01.07.18 | Brent Hall

God tells us something about our identity in Christ that is meant to encourage us and fill us with great confidence. God tells us we are chosen by Him before the creation of the world! Once we understand this truth about our identity, it can radically change our lives in a positive way. But, what does being “chosen” mean? And how do we know if we’re chosen by God? Find out this week.

I Am Righteous

01.14.18 | Brent Hall

If we’re honest, many of us struggle to feel God’s love and receive His blessing. Many of us think God has a special love for those people who don’t deal with our struggles. We are tempted to think God reluctantly tolerates the rest of us. In our struggles it can feel like God is angry with us. But what if you could finally rest in grace and take advantage of unimaginable blessing? God tell us something incredible: He says in Christ, despite our imperfections, we’re considered “righteous”! Knowing what this actually means for our lives could radically transform our future.

I am a new creation

01.21.18 | Brent Hall

Few people reach their full potential, but God wants us to strive to make the most of the life He has given us. When we realize we are a new creation in Christ by God’s power, we should realize that we have new abilities and potential beyond what we think. We are fundamentally changed to live beyond our natural limits. This week we will look at how we tap into this potential, make the most of it, and leap into the new opportunities God offers us.

I am a child of God

01.28.18 | Joshua Kirsch

Ever since childhood, we’ve been given labels. Sometimes downright mean labels. Even today, people still label us: failure, loser, flawed, nobody. And we so often buy into these labels. When we crossed over into a relationship with Christ, something extraordinary happened. All those unfair and painful labels fell off. And God Himself placed a new, permanent label on us: Child of God. Incredible transformations that you may not realize took place when you became God’s child. Come hear how you were changed forever.

I Am Redeemed

02.04.18 | Brent Hall

Sometimes the Bible tells us such good news it’s hard to believe. God wants us to know that we are “redeemed.” This simply means we have been purchased by God. God has paid the price to purchase us out of sin and darkness so that we can live in joy, freedom, and a real eternal relationship with Him. But how do we experience such incredible things for ourselves? This week we will discuss the key to experiencing what is already ours because of Christ. If you ever struggle to “feel” the truths of who God says you are, this message is for you!

I Am Gifted

02.11.18 | Brent Hall

The church is made up of extremely gifted people, people gifted by God. The Bible teaches that every Christian has at least one spiritual gift to be used to make the church stronger. But, if we are honest, many of us don’t know what our spiritual gift is. This week we will examine four questions that can help us better understand how we discover our spiritual gift and why it’s crucial we start putting our gifts into action.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory