The Gospel

The Gospel message of Jesus Christ will first and foremost be the center of what Edinbrook Church is about. Because of this, we support several organizations and partners who are committed to advancing this message across the world. Great organizations like Wycliffe, East West Ministries, and Converge Worldwide.



If you’ve been at Edinbrook, you know another thing we are passionate about is family. That’s why we created the Fight For Family initiative. On top of investing in our own family-focused ministry and resources, we also partner with great organizations that share a vision to strengthen and serve families. Great organizations like Trout Lake Camps and Family Life Ministries.


Helping the Hurting

We know there is a lot of pain and hardship in our world. Jesus came to push back the darkness and bring hope and compassion to those who are hurting. Edinbrook is proud to partner with Dan & Tina Gibbs of GECHAAN - Gembu Center for HIV/Aids Advocacy Nigeria. This community based organization is stopping the spread of AIDS by going into high schools to teach about abstinence, visiting villages and giving seminars on the importance of staying with one sexual partner. Most of all they provide homes, medical care and hope for thousands of AIDS orphans every year. Visit gechaan.com to learn more.


Planting Churches

Edinbrook believes that planting churches is still God’s plan A to advance the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Because of this, we support several organizations and partners who are committed to planting churches to help reach unreached people groups. Great organizations like the Overseas Council, Discipling for Development, Berea Bible Institute, and The Timothy Initiative.

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Our Backyard

Reaching people for Christ is not something that only takes place “over there” on the other side of the world. Being missional is about making a difference and proclaiming Jesus right here in our backyard. Because of this, Edinbrook is committed to local outreach opportunities such as our Rock the Block and Harvest Fest community events. We also support great organizations and partners who serve locally and right here in the States. Great organizations like Love 2 Hope, Transform MN, and Cru. We also partner with TreeHouse, that meets in our building, who reach hurting youth and families.